Have you ever left your phone in a cab? Dropped it in a sink or a lake? Almost everyone has experienced the misfortune of losing their mobile device to a accident, as their small size and ergonomic designs renders them susceptible to slipups and mishaps. A man in Brainerd, MN lost his iPhone while skydiving; luckily for him, it was still sending out signal and he was able to recover it. In the U.K., statistics have shown that 850,000 phones per year have been either dropped in or flushed down the toilet – the number one reason for losing Smartphone data.

A phone can always be replaced, but users describe the hassle of replacing the contacts and lost information stored within these phones as “priceless”, explaining the desperate lengths to which they would go to try to restore life to a waterlogged mobile device.

We understand how valuable data is, which is why we have created the Cloud Security Vault™. More secure than a guarded safety deposit box under lock and key, your important information and data gets backed up in encrypted form when you subscribe to Keeper® Backup. Without the master password to your account, the information is absolutely inaccessible—Keeper employs user end encryption.

In the seconds after the realization sinks in that your Smartphone has just been destroyed, lost or stolen, imagine the devastating feeling of tallying up the value of the information kept within the device. This reality is never more harsh than when experienced directly, but why wait until this happens to you to take precautions to safeguard your data? The mobile nature of a Smartphone, laptop or tablet renders them most susceptible to loss or theft—in addition to the aforementioned hazards of everyday usage. Backing up to the cloud should be considered as essential to every user as hitting “save” when creating a document. Contacts, addresses, passwords and other forms of microdata represent real work that you do and are oftentimes irreplaceable—priceless, in other words.

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